We had the western genre make intercourse with a crack rock that knows kung fu & called it THE MAN FROM DEATH.

I was hired to develop the I.P. + feature outline of THE MAN FROM DEATH + direct / write / edit / produce / build over-sized matches on my kitchen table for this insane proof-of-concept short to help drive it into your hearts and faces. And hey, it's getting love out there in the world.

Vimeo Staff Pick

ShortOfTheWeek picked it and says "Blending psychedelic visual effects, with playful video-game inspired touches, it is a stunningly original visual experience — we liken it to Freddie Wong crossed with Quentin Tarantino." 

TwitchFilm Founder and producer of THE RAID movies Todd Brown writes "This is super fun stuff from a perpetually restless creative talent."

Thee Nerd Writer makes me feel warm and fuzzy by posting: This batty, hysterical short film by Stephen Reedy makes me very excited about the future of movies"

RefinedGeekery goes: It is pure creativity on screen. I have watched this short a few times now, and each time I process something different. For example, aside from all of its zany action, there are actual moments of pathos where the film slows down to reflect on the nature of being right before someone gets their head split in two.

FilmCombatSyndicate is like "It's a love story in more ways than several and chock-filled with blistering sequences of action and fantasy that transcends many planes and dimensions that just leave you wondering "Exactly what the fuck kind of good shit is Reedy smoking? And when is he going to share???"

French culture magazine BLENDED states it is "THE MOST WTF IN THE WORLD!"

Kiai-Kick be all like "Director Stephen Reedy just launches this short film right at you, and it’s a lot of fun, playing like the steroid-fueled brother of Scott Pilgrim, The Good The Bad and The Weird and Millionaires Express. The fights are awesome, but I’ll say it right now, it’s NSFW, so proceed carefully! Check out the video below!"

It'll also be featured at the TULSA OVERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL this month and was just picked as Film Shortage's #DailyShortPicks. Alright!