Austin Wintory's amazing The Forge score available

So I was playing the awesome (and now celebrated Ign GAME OF THE YEAR) Playstation 3 title JOURNEY. It's a beautiful video game that personifies and makes emotional the philosophy behind Joseph Campbell's "HERO'S JOURNEY" with minimalism and technical innovation that results in a whole lot of heart.

I loved it all, but I was especially blown away by the brilliance, originality and overall "feels" of the score, whose epic'ness and creativity was better than most huge Hollywood movies. I came to find out it was made by a local fellow named Austin Wintory who I quickly hit up about scoring our in-post-production short THE FORGE.

Shortly after he agreed, he made music history by having his video game score get nominated for a movie soundtrack Grammy, competing against legendary film composers like John Williams, Han Zimmer and Trent Rezner. Equal amounts of excitement and fear hit me as, first off, he deserves this in the highest definition of the word "deserved" and second, because I figured he'd be so busy being Captain-Famous-Awesome-Popular-Man (a *well earned* title, by the way) that there's no way he'd want to do a low budget YouTube charity video. Luckily, my fears were wrong and Austin didn't just deliver something good, he delivered BEAUTIFUL INCREDIBLENESS. He (with vocalist Malukah and Cellist Tina Guo) provided an emotional experience I never could have dreamed of receiving for our labor of love.

Even more awesome, the score for THE FORGE is online for free via Austin's bandcamp page. It's "pay what you like," so if you wanna throw down some dollars, 100% of it goes straight to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (a wonderful service that provides realtime help, 24/7 to anybody who may be on the edge of an intense life decision). 

Check out the score here: