The Forge

It's rare to get to make a project with a deep emotional purpose. In the case of THE FORGE, the deepest of all purposes may have jumped into our lives.

Tanya Lim killed herself, leaving her aspiring producer/actor brother Eric her savings and a request to make something with it. So he contacted me out of the blue and we teamed up to mix this sentimental situation with an idea I've had ever since I worked in a metal foundry. The result is THE FORGE.

My goal was to get at least one person to say "this helped me." Mission accomplished. We've received *thousands* of comments sharing appreciation and, most heavily, a few e-mails saying this prevented their own personal suicide....... ... ... (!!!!!!!!!!!) This sort of thing makes me feel weird, proud and humbled.

When receiving the first e-mail that said "I was going to kill myself today until I watched this, this is a sign," I stopped what I was doing and stared at the wall for a few awkward, tingly minutes. It's a gift to be able to turn a bad situation into something with human value. It's also a gift to be able to make something that's genuine, thus creatively rewarding. This gave us everything- a higher purpose, a great team, a great concept and the ability to give meaning to some humans.  

It's released with the help of actor Rainn Wilson and his great SoulPancake youtube page. Check it out below.